Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to book on the day?

Yes, but we cannot travel within 2 hours of booking the Eurotunnel tickets (unless we book the flexiplus ticket which is approximately £368 including 1 pet). The normal ticket price booking on the day is £130 including one pet. It is much better to book in advance.

How much notice do we need?

We would always recommend booking as soon as you know your travel plans.  The earlier you book the more likely you are to get the standard ticket rate which starts at £82 including one pet. Eurotunnel release their tickets around 9 months in advance.

What cars do you have?

We have approximately 35 cars ranging from standard saloon cars to 8 seater minibuses.

How much luggage can you bring?

The large estate cars are our most common cars and these cars can take approximately 5 large cases and hand luggage. We need to know how much luggage you will have at the time of booking so we can allocate an appropriate sized car, there may not be availability if you let us know you have extra luggage the day before your booking.

How do we pay?

Payment can be made via a secure link by credit/debit card or by bank transfer. There is no card charge if you are using a European card but cards from outside the EU carry a 3% charge. With bank transfers there is no charge from UK accounts but international accounts have a charge

There is no VAT charged on our bookings, they are taken on behalf of our drivers who are not individually VAT registered.

Do we check your pet’s paperwork?

We provide you with the links to let you know what your pet needs to travel.  https://www.eurotunnel.com/uk/travelling-with-us/travelling-with-your-pet/we are not able to check your paperwork, this is your responsibility. If you have any questions please get in touch with the Pet Travel Scheme Helpline at +447803640258  or info@ukandeuropepettaxi.co.uk

To enable us to give you the most accurate information as possible, the things we need to know are:

♦  Passenger’s name

♦  Date of travel

♦  Time you would like to collected

♦  Pick up point

♦  Drop off point

♦  Contact number for on the day

♦  Number of pets you have, if you have a dog we would appreciate knowing the approximate size, small/med/large is fine.

♦  If you have a crate for your dog, the approximate measurements and if it comes apart for travel. Your dog does not have to travel in a crate, we just need to know if we need to allow space in the car for it.  (We would assume cats would be in a carrier and would allow space for this automatically)

♦  How many people are travelling

♦  How much luggage will you have

♦  When we have all of this information we can confirm the price and arrange the payment with you. When we have received the payment we will book the tickets and send your booking confirmation, this will include a copy of the Eurotunnel ticket and the contact details for your driver.

Refund Policy

We are able to offer you a full refund (minus any card charges) including the Eurotunnel ticket with at least 24 hours notice.

National Car Hire UK

The closest National car hire companies are in Dover. (Ten miles from the Eurotunnel ).

Train times in Europe

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